Took a Final Look at this Book

I have not read very many books that are like this, but since I enjoyed this one I will try and read more nonfiction books. In the end, I think that this book was truly remarkable. I hope to find more books just like it.

“The Boy at the Top of the Mountain” has been a very interesting book with many ups and downs. In the end, I found that this book has changed the way I look at history.

This is an okay book to complete a novel study on, but it is not the best candidate. This book is about the world wars and Hitler, but it does not focus on the history of the events. This book focuses more on Pierrot and his life, not the history surrounding him
Although this book may not be the best book to create a novel study about, it is a really good read. This book is full of twists and turns of events, I was on a roller coaster of emotions the whole time I was reading the book. John Boyne did a great job in engaging me to read the story.

I would recommend this book to an older audience, this book …

What an Ending?

In this book I have been reading for the past few weeks, I have been on a roller coaster of emotions. I've felt sadness, anger, excitement, happiness and everything in between. I was challenged very hard in making a project that includes what I have learned from this story.

I and my classmates were challenged to create one of two projects, "word art" or "characters room". I chose word art which is a project based on a quotation from the story. I used the quotation “Is it really that easy for the innocent to be corrupted?”

I chose this because it shows that pierrot who used to be a very innocent sweet boy, and he has become corrupted by Hitler. He is now ruthless and rude and giving away his TRUE values. In my project, I specifically made 2 sides of my project one side represents his life in Paris and the other half like Germany

I made two 3d cubes, one to represent his life in Germany and one for his life at Paris. His life in Paris was innocent and simple. So …

Pierrot is changing

I have never been very close to my family, in fact, I have never even met my sister's child. His name is Pierrot I have heard he is a very kind and sweet boy. Recently his father has passed away from a deadly train accident, now it is just him and his mom.

Pierrots life took a turn for the worst after his father's death, his mother has passed away as well. Because of this, he is put into an orphanage, but I could not let this happen. I am a maid, I work in a mansion. This is no ordinary house job though.

I work in the Berghof house for Adolf Hitler. Pierrot does not know this, but I cannot bear to tell him. I am adopting Pierrot from the orphanage to live with me in the Berghof house.Pierrot has been living here for a few weeks now, with Hitler. However, Pierrot is acting differently he is starting to act a lot more like Hitler and becoming one of them.

I’ve been trying to help him change his ways and become himself again but he is not listening. His values have been changed f…

A Violation....

We all can, speak, think, believe pretty much everything we want to, but why? This is thanks to the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is one part of the Canadian Constitution. The Charter has rights and freedoms that are necessary for a democratic society.
In the charter, there is a VERY important aspect of the charter and Canadian society. The fundamental freedoms state freedom of conscience and religion, freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication,  freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association. In my book, Pierrot is a kind, sweet and caring boy. Gradually, however, Pierrot's view begins to change, influenced by the Nazi culture around him at the Berghof.Hitler changes how Pierrot views his father's World War I service. His mother believed that although his father didn't die in the war, the war was what killed him. Hitler tells Pierrot that…

What a HUGE Surprise

This book is full of sadness, heartbreak, and anger, but mostly full of surprises. I have come across many surprises within the story, but one stood out for me. Ever since Pierrot's parents passed away he was put in an orphanage, and it was not a good time for him. He was bullied and tormented by fellow children among the orphanage. He did make one friend her name was Josette, they spend their time talking to each other and playing around the orphanage grounds. Although they were best friends they got bullied for being friends, because apparently a girl and a boy cant be friends without people making fun of them.
Eventually, his aunt Beatrix contacts the orphanage and he travels to Germany. Having been taken in by his father's sister, his Aunt Beatrix, Josette was upset that he was leaving but ultimately happy for him. It turns out that Beatrix is the housekeeper for Adolf Hitler.  This is obviously a really surprising and unexpected turn of events.
Pierrot arrives at the house…

How Could His Life Get Any Worse.....

Pierrot fisher is living an anything-but-ordinary lifestyle. Being raised in an apartment with his family. His father, Wilhelm, a survivor/soldier of the first world war and his French mother Emelie.
Pierrot is very mature for a 7yr old, he is optimistic throughout most situations. Pierrot was best friends with a Jewish boy Anshel Bronstein. The two boys were born within weeks of one another. Anshel was deaf so the two boys developed a sign language that allowed them to communicate.
His father taught him how to speak German and had a good heart, except for when he drank. His father drank to try and cope with his depression and his night terrors from WW1. After his fourth birthday, Pierrot's father loses his control, smashing dishes and beating his mother unconscious. His father leaves the family and weeks later they find out that he died after falling beneath a train traveling to Germany.  Pierrot's  next three years in life is simple and happy.
Later Pierrot's mother cough…

The Book That May Change My Perspective About Reading?

I don’t like reading to much, its been like this for my entire life. Because of this, I had to keep in mind how much I would actually like reading the book. It felt like I looked at one million blurbs before picking my book! Once I started reading the blurb of “The Boy at the Top of the Mountain”, I knew this book was different. This book puts a twist on real-life events that occurred and makes them just a bit more interesting. I have never known much about Nazis, Hitler or anything like that, but neither does Perriot the main protagonist of the story. I can relate to him in that way. This book seems very intriguing and I don't know if I will be able to keep my hands off it once I start reading!